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In Florence, timeless beauty is born

“It’s dawn. The world lights up like water that lets its impurities fall to the bottom … “
(From “Poems of love” by the Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet)

A place of well-being dedicated to self-care, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the center of Florence. On 22 May 2007, in via Sant’Egidio 12, SOULSPACE opened its doors to all lovers of wellness. It is a silent oasis, enclosed between the courtyards and walls of the splendid Palazzo Galletti, built in 1831 by the architect Vincenzo Bellini, just a two-minute walk from Piazza del Duomo, the heart of the city.

In SOULSPACE, the eastern and western world meet according to the cosmopolitan conception of Zelal Elbistan, a surgeon who has been working since 1998 in the start-up of SPAs and wellness centers. She is of Kurdish origin, she was born in Germany and lived between Istanbul and Europe where she completed her studies and graduated in medicine. Her name with its refined meaning, “pure water”, has led her life in search of the profound philosophy of well-being, that of the soul and the body. And water is the cornerstone of the center, founded by Zelal on the concept of ritual: oriental philosophy that indicates how, through rituals, results can be achieved.

“I looked for water and was able to find it in the heart of the ancient buildings. My idea was to add beauty to a city like Florence that has a unique cultural heritage, but which in its historic center did not yet have a point of reference for the cult of beauty “.

In the approximately 400 square meters of SOULSPACE, Zelal Elbistan has created a spa, where there was nothing before, just an abandoned warehouse of a bricklayer. The excavation, restoration, and construction work lasted almost two years. She has created a heated indoor pool, a hammam, cabins for rituals, treatments, massages, and personalized itineraries.

A special space to indulge in relaxation, the pleasure of taking care of yourself, where techniques and skills together with the [comfort zone] quality products give visible results.

Materials, designs, architecture, which reflect the essential richness of the East and the West.

A space where you can breathe a deep feeling of well-being and inner beauty.

A space for the senses, for the body, and for the soul, which welcomes in the delicate scent of flowers and essential oils, among whispered musical notes, where nature, science, and experience blend harmoniously.

At SOULSPACE ancient traditions, contemporary rituals, sublime experience, extraordinary results, from science and nature, reign.

A space of essential richness, where well-being and beauty are born from within and remain with them, where every moment is a precious treasure.

At SOULSPACE, the charm of space, the scent of candles, the taste of herbal teas, and the sound of music envelop the extraordinary sensory experience in synergy with

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